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Residential Stair Lift

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Residential Stair Lifts are the best thing for people in homes with varying floors or levels and have difficulty climbing stairs. The great thing about these chairs or lifts is that they fold conveniently out of the way when not in use. The lifts are not design for the stairs or the manufacturer, but for the homeowner and how it may be used efficiently in the home. And many of today’s models can be installed by residents in a couple of hours. Welcome to the website. I’m John Bosley and I researched lift companies for my father who was disabled back in 2000.

Home Stair Lifts
You have probably seen stair lifts in hotels or in meeting rooms, but they are now actually quite common throughout many residences. Home stair lifts have come of age. The technology, mainly refined through the space-age, has improved to the point where smaller parts can be used and materials made that withstand greater weight and forces. Plus, the drive train of today is totally different than it was even ten years ago. Improvements continue to happen and I’ll tell you about those.

Stairway Chair Lift
These lifts accompany stairways because that part of the home was designed to carry traffic. In addition, the construction of the house is reinforced at these points and adding a stairway chair lift is no burden whatsoever to most existing structures. So what you have to consider is what type of chair you will need; light or heavy duty, and what sort of warranty you think you might carry. There are also used stairway chair lifts to think about.

Acorn Stair Lifts
Acorn has a lift they call the Superglide and it got the name because the movement is just so smooth, you really do feel like you’re gliding. The Acorn Stair Lifts can be manually operated by the person sitting in the chair. These are not just for people unable to walk, but those who have a hard time climbing up and down, or need a break now and then. Being battery powered, there is no hard wiring that follows the chair back and forth as it goes between floors. Acorn has done a good job with moving people with stair lifts.

Bruno Stair Lift
Bruno is another manufacturer I like. They have a model called the Electra-Ride which is smooth and simply amazing how it can follow a curved track around a curve staircase. Again, battery powered to keep from any entanglement with cords, the Bruno Stair Lift is used in many commercial applications as well. They claim to be leaders in the curved rail technology and they say there isn’t a staircase they can’t install on. Bruno does suggest that you have one of their representatives install the stair lift for you.

There are used residential stair lifts as well, with some very good pricing. I would hesitate in buying from an individual, but would have a company completely check out the unit and know what I am getting before buying it. A lift will completely change the lift of someone who cannot climb the stairs.

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